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Adriana Garces - Fine Artist

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces

Union City, NJ - United States

Adriana J. Garces

Multi-disciplinary Visual Artist...Self-Taught, with extensive experience and education in various mediums and grounds, which include:

Oils; Acrylic; Graphite; Pastels; Ink; Crayon, Photography, etc…on Canvas; various papers; woods; slate; glass, etc…
The pleasure I receive from creating works of Art is like no other I can explain. It's more than a feeling I wish to express in such a way that viewers can sense in every possible way. I used to think it was just a hobby, until I discovered it's so much more. It's a gift I want to always share, plainly visible and decipherable.

I started my interest in the Arts as early as I can remember. I began the practice of drawing and creating in many ways on my own, encouraged by my very supportive immediate family, friends and elementary school teachers.
Music has always been a huge inspiration for me in expressing visually, as is dance.

The work I love creating more than any other is in the Expressionistic style because I enjoy the challenge of finding the ability to express emotions within myself and those of others. I do this figuratively, through the use of people presence more than other subjects by showing faces, how the body is affected by emotions and a surrounding mood in some pieces where the vision appears complete with a background scape. Speaking of visions, most of my work is extracted from the sleep-wake state, where I'm awakening from a very realistic feeling within the subconscious. It is the most common denominator, if you will. Being able to capture as much detail as I can recall from these visions, and interpret their meanings as I create, is a feeling like no other. Best of all, there is no camera in creation which can capture what only we can see from within!

Anatomy Illustration was one of the subjects I enjoyed studying since an early age, as well. The human figure continues to be one of my favorite subjects. Naturalistic themes are another, where landscapes and close-up renderings come to life. As far as painting and drawing styles go, I keep mostly within the Expressionistic, Figurative and Surreal with an apparent stroke of Abstract. Sometimes combining unexpected styles, such as the surreal and classical, a pleasing twist may surface where tradition meets modern-contemporary.

Photography is an insatiable hobby I quickly grew to enjoy in most recent years. Some of the Artistic Photography I enjoyed capturing and sharing can be seen on @

After many travels and pursuits, moving to faraway places and discovering the world is not so big after all, I returned to my hometown in North Jersey, where I currently reside and work doing what I Love in Art, surrounded by the family I Love!
I hope you'll enjoy my progress and share with those who are passionate about the Arts and Emotive Expressionism.

International Fine Arts College
Miami, FL 1990-1992
Volunteered at various Fashion shows and similar events
Student member of the Fashion Group of Miami, 1991-1992
Associate of Arts Degree for Fashion Design

Participant of various exhibits and competitions, including:
Art Takes Times Square, June 2012;
Jersey Rising for Sandy Relief Efforts, December 2012
#TwitterArtExhibit L.A. January - February 2013
Union City Art Exhibits at City Hall; A. Leggiero Music Park, Union City, New Jersey- various other locations/ dates

Follow me on Twitter: @AdrianaJGarces
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Adriana Garces - Bass on the Beach

Bass on the Beach

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Wrap Sure Rapture

Wrap Sure Rapture

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Paradox Woman

Paradox Woman

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Aftertaste


Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Flame Run

Flame Run

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Arrival Notice

Arrival Notice

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - The Infinite Voyage...

The Infinite Voyage...

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Creative Energy

Creative Energy

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Xenon 2

Xenon 2

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Xenon 1

Xenon 1

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Honey I am Home

Honey I am Home

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - It

It's a Date

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Peace Flees War

Peace Flees War

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Cry Peace

Cry Peace

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Subtract the Abstract?

Subtract the Abstract?

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Guardian Whisper

Guardian Whisper

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Sarge-7 On Fotoblur

Sarge-7 On Fotoblur

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Selva Sfumato

Selva Sfumato

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Only Feed Me Love

Only Feed Me Love

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - New York Fashion Avenue
Adriana Garces - After Hours

After Hours

Adriana Garces

Adriana Garces - Soaring Infinitely

Soaring Infinitely

Adriana Garces


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